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Woman Learns Cringeworthy Lesson After Using Gorilla Glue In Her Hair When Her Hair Spray Ran Out

Woman Learns Cringeworthy Lesson After Using Gorilla Glue In Her Hair When Her Hair Spray Ran Out

If you're in need of a good laugh have we got a story for you.

Say you've run out of hair product at a crucial moment. You gotta look good, you're out of options, it's catch as catch can. What do you reach for?

If you said Gorilla Glue, please allow us—and a TikToker named Tessica who did just that—to offer you a word of advice.

Do NOT put Gorilla Glue in your hair.

@im_d_ollady Stiff where????? Ma hair 🤬🤬
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As she explained in her TikTok, Tessica Brown, who goes by the username @im_d_ollady on the platform, has been forced to commit to a single sleek, slicked-back hairstyle. But not because she wanted to.

As she explained:

"Those of y'all that know me know my hair has been like this for about a month now. It's not by choice, it's not by choice, noooo, it's not by choice."

Brown likes to finish off her hairstyle with a bit of hairspray to keep it neat and tidy.

But she ran into a bit of a dilemma about a month ago when she ran out of her usual got2b brand spray. So what's a gal to do?

In a decision she may well regret forever, Brown found a can of Gorillia brand spray adhesive and thought, why not? How bad could it be right?

Well, as she put it in her TikTok:

"Bad, bad, bad, bad idea. Y'all look, my hair? It don't move."

Brown then slapped her hands against her hair to illustrate just how... well, glued to her head her hair truly is.

Brown then said she's washed her hair a whopping 15 times and still, no dice. Her hair has just stayed put, impenetrable to the whims of water and soap.

And lest you think this is just a joke for social media clout, Brown posted a follow-up video showing her shampooing her hair. It did not go well.

It simply... wiped off her slicked-back hair with a hand towel.

The moral of the story is, as Brown put it:

"If you ever, ever run out of got2b glue spray? Don't ever, ever use [Gorilla glue spray] unless you want your hair to be like that forever."

Naturally, on social media, people were in disbelief at Brown's debacle and the jokes came rolling in.






There is a bright side to this tragic story, however. As several TikTokers pointed out in the comments, at least Brown's hair is frozen for all time in a cute hairstyle.

It could be worse!