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Woman Who Used Gorilla Glue On Her Hair Chokes Up After Successful 4-Hour Surgery To Remove Adhesive

Woman Who Used Gorilla Glue On Her Hair Chokes Up After Successful 4-Hour Surgery To Remove Adhesive

Tessica Brown practically became a household name overnight with her use of Gorilla Glue spray adhesive on her hair, the internet dubbing her “The Gorilla Glue Girl."

In case you haven't heard of her, about a month ago, Brown was styling her hair while getting ready to go out. She realized she was out of her favorite hairspray, Got2Be Glue Spray.

Since she always put some of the product in her hair to keep it “nice and neat," she figured she needed a replacement. So she reached for a bottle of Gorilla Glue spray adhesive.

Brown thought to herself, “How bad could Gorilla Glue really be? How bad could this actually get?"

Little did she know, putting Gorilla Glue on her hair not only would hold it in place, but it would result in a month of stress and heartache... and a four-hour surgery to correct it.

The TMZ entertainment team recorded the four-hour procedure that would break down the chemical bonds of the Gorilla Glue in her hair, giving Brown her beautiful, if much shorter, style back.

They were able to remove Brown's long braid by dousing it in Gorilla Glue remover, which allowed them to cut the braid off, but not unbraid it.

When she woke from the anesthesia, still on the operating table, Brown tentatively reached up to touch her hair, realizing she could run her fingers through it.

As she sat up, she became emotionally overwhelmed that she finally had her hair back after a month of struggle.

You can watch the emotional moment here:

Tessica originally posted about her predicament in a viral TikTok video, seen by anyone from the “smallest" TikToker to some of the biggest, like popular hair stylist, Brad Mondo.

Brown claimed this was not for attention, for clout, or for views, but because she was desperate for help and seemingly out of options.

But whether she wanted it or not, she became a viral sensation, popular with those looking for a laugh, those interested in cautionary tales, and those looking for a challenge. Fortunately, though, people looking for entertainment were not the only people to see Brown's popular video, including the doctor who would ultimately help her out.

Brown traveled all the way to Los Angeles to meet plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Obeng, who also has an extensive background in chemistry, and who ended up providing the $12,500 surgery to Brown for free.

Obeng claimed prior to the surgery that every chemical bond can be broken down. He was fully confident he could destabilize the polyurethane, which is the primary ingredient in Gorilla Glue.

Obeng also performed a test procedure on a mannequin head with hair similar in texture and length to Brown's, and with the central problem, Gorilla Glue, thoroughly applied. He ensured he was able to do the procedure effectively on the mannequin before giving Brown the anesthesia.

Tessica felt the first moment of relief when she heard Obeng's confidence, stating how easy he made everything sound.

TikTokers and the rest of the internet who have been watching Brown from the beginning shared in her relief when the video from TMZ became available.

We can all breathe a sigh of relief for Tessica Brown now that she is back with her beautiful, not-so-stiff hair.