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Woman's Story About Childhood Friend's Family Having Designated 'Poop Knife' Weirds Out TikTok

Screenshots from @taraynalexess' TikTok video

TikToker @taraynalexess shared a story about discovering during a sleepover at a friend's house that they had a 'poop knife' hanging up on the wall of their laundry room—and it's just as bizarre as it sounds.

Weird, gross, or borderline inappropriate, most families have at least one tradition or at-home practice that would make people outside of their immediate circle turn their heads in shock, or at least give them some serious side-eye.

While reflecting on her childhood, TikToker @taraynalexess told the story of the time that she stayed the night at her friend's house, and though she was super excited to go there, she was pretty ready to go home after what she experienced.

While touring her friend's house, the then-eight-year-old TikToker noticed a knife hung from a rope in the laundry room. She found it to be strange but didn't want to ask, just in case it was obvious to other people or rude to inquire.

But later when her friend's older brother—who was also her crush at the time—asked to use the knife, the TikToker couldn't withhold her curiosity anymore.

However, the answer she received made her wish she hadn't asked.

"I think about this at least once a month, because I still wonder if other people have it."

The TikToker's friend said that it was their "poop knife," a knife designated specifically for cutting up poop before flushing the toilet. Though she didn't want to ask any more questions, the TikToker couldn't help but wonder why the family needed a specific knife for this, or why it was kept in the laundry room instead of the bathroom.

When she told her mom about it later, she was forbidden from going to her friend's house anymore, or hardly any other friends' houses, for that matter.

You can watch the video here:


I think about this atleast once a month cause i still wonder if orher people have it #funny #storytime #relatable #skincare #life #chikdhoodstories #comfort #comfortcharacters #facetimecall #friend #booktok #booktoker

Some TikTokers were endlessly shocked by the story.

To be fair, a poop knife isn't something you hear about every day.





Most TikTokers walked away with far more questions than answers.

From wondering why this was such a constant problem that the family needed a dedicated knife for it, to wondering why it was hung up in the laundry room of all places, the questions just kept coming.








Other TikTokers simply wished they could forget all about the video.

Because let's be honest, it was a simpler time five minutes ago.





Based on the reactions from TikTok, it seems that "poop knives" have been heard of but are not very common.

It's hard to imagine a family having frequent enough issues in the restroom to need something like this, or why they wouldn't keep those tools nearby, instead of having to go all the way to the laundry room for it.

There are so many questions.

But just like the TikToker regretted asking what a "poop knife" was, we'd rather not know.

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