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Older Woman's Facebook Post Showing Off Dress Met With Rude Comments From Other Women

An X user put older women on blast for their cruel comments after a woman in her 70s was cruelly criticized on Facebook over her fashion choice.

Older woman criticized for outfit choice

One of the easiest ways to reveal a person who is insecure about themselves is to put them in the presence of someone who is confident.

That proved to be very true recently when fashion influencer Candace Leslie Cima shared a video of herself trying on a very tasteful holiday dress with an optional long-sleeve cover-up.

Cima is in her 70s and runs her business called "Life In My 70s" on several social media platforms. She shares affordable and friendly fashion tips for a demographic that she has found is often overlooked when it comes to options as well as cuteness.

Especially around the holidays, she's been posting outfit ideas more often for everyone to look and feel their best on a budget and to be able to repurpose these outfits for more use after the holidays are over.

In one of her most recent videos, Cima showed a soft brown sleeveless dress that narrowed from the hips to the knees, though it wasn't extremely tight-fitting to the body. It also came with a comfortable long-sleeve cover-up, which she demonstrated could be tied around her shoulders like a shawl or used as a tasteful cover-up for consumers who wanted to wear it that way or who were cold.

You can watch Cima's video here.

Despite Cima's kind and calm demeanor, her comments section was soon overrun with negative comments. Some directly criticized Cima's appearance in the dress, while others argued that a woman in her 70s was much too old to wear a dress like that.

The comments caught the attention of a younger woman on another platform, Maggie, AKA @LibertyAdams, on X, who was disgusted by how Cima was being treated.

Posting a screenshot of the video and the comments section, Maggie tweeted:

"The grandma on grandma violence on Facebook is real."
"This woman looks incredible in her 70s and all of the comments are older women tearing her apart for her body and outfit."

You can see Maggie's tweet here:

Here's Cima's look without the dress jacket over top:

Life In My 70s/Facebook

And here is an example of some of the offensive comments:

Life In My 70s/Facebook

Many X users were well aware that elderly women often behave this way and found it to be a problem.

Others agreed and insisted we need to change something now, or this could be our future.


Some went to the Facebook comments section and flooded it with positivity to drown out the haters.

@Life In My 70s/Facebook

@Life In My 70s/Facebook

@Life In My 70s/Facebook

@Life In My 70s/Facebook

@Life In My 70s/Facebook

@Life In My 70s/Facebook

It's heartening to see so many younger women rallying around Cima and inflating her comments section with positivity after she was so heavily body-shamed and age-shamed. It's awful that they had to do so, however.

Hopefully, moments like this will encourage younger women to treat each other better so that this behavior doesn't prove to be our future, too.