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'Weird Al' Yankovic Offers Hilarious Reaction To Raunchy 'Family Guy' Joke About One Of His Songs

Yankovic took to Twitter to share the clip of Peter and Lois Griffin hearing 'Eat It' on the radio.

'Weird Al' Yankovic Offers Hilarious Reaction To Raunchy 'Family Guy' Joke About One Of His Songs
Kevin Winter/Getty Images; Fox

With "Weird Al" Yankovic in the news following the release of the satirical biopic Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, long-running animated series Family Guy seized the zeitgeist by incorporating one of Yankovic's songs into a recent episode.

And it did so in the filthiest way possible.

The episode features a scene in which the character Peter Griffin turns on the radio while driving with his wife Lois and Yankovic's legendary parody of Michael Jackson's "Beat It," aptly titled "Eat It," comes out of the speakers.

Peter becomes distressed by the song for the raunchiest reason possible—one that Yankovic wasn't about to touch on when he tweeted about the moment, as seen below.

Along with a clip of the "Eat It" scene, Yankovic quipped:

"Yeah, I'm not gonna bother describing the context of this joke."

But he's a better man than us, because we're about to!

In the show's most recent episode, suggestively titled “The Munchurian Candidate,” Peter goes to a hypnotist to become better at, um, going downtown for dinner...if you will. You know, in order to please his wife, Lois? Cunnilingus, we're talk about cunnilingus.

But something goes wrong in the process, and Peter's hypnosis not only triggers him to perform the act on Lois whenever he hears the theme song to the entertainment news show Extra, but also to do so to her mother Barbara.

Listen, we are just reporting the facts, don't get mad at us!

It's during the drive home from an embarrassing hypnosis-related incident with Lois' mother that Yankovic's "Eat It" comes on the radio, to Peter's horror.

On Twitter, people loved Yankovic's response to this hilariously inappropriate tribute to him.

Family Guy's X-rated ode to Yankovic is not its only tie to the legendary comedian. Yankovic himself appeared on the show, in animated form of course, back in 2015.

He has also revealed that while he was hiring writers for his own TV show in the 1990s, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane pitched his characters to Yankovic, hoping that they could be a regular animated feature of the show similar to how The Simpsons began as animated segments on The Tracey Ullman Show.

That deal didn't pan out, of course, but at least now Yankovic and MacFarlane will always be linked by this vile and hilarious episode. Sometimes things just work out!