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Washington State Trooper Who Told Gov. To 'Kiss My A**' Over Vaccine Mandate Dies Of Virus

Washington State Trooper Who Told Gov. To 'Kiss My A**' Over Vaccine Mandate Dies Of Virus
Fox News/YouTube

Antivaxxer Robert LaMay, who resigned as a Washington State Trooper last year after refusing to get vaccinated, has died Friday after battling COVID-19, according to KIRO Newsradio.

After 22 years serving state citizens, the 50-year-old famously signed off on video from inside a state patrol vehicle during which he told off Democratic State Governor, Jay Inslee.

LaMay began working for the state in 1999 as a Trooper Cadet assigned to the Collision Records Section.

“Jay Inslee can kiss my a**," said LaMay in the video filmed on his last day on the force.

WARNING: explicit language

Throughout his tenure, he held different specialty positions with the State Patrol–including as Armorer, Certified Reconstructionist, and Drug Recognition Expert.

But when the Governor issued his statewide vaccination proclamation requiring all state employees, higher education, childcare, and K-12 education employees, and most health and long-term care providers to be fully vaccinated with a recommended COVID-19 vaccine by October 18, 2021, to retain employment, LaMay opted to walk.

After defying Inslee's vaccine mandate by quitting the force last year, LaMay told Fox News in an interview that he and his family "don't do vaccines," adding, “We don’t do flu shots or any of that stuff.”

LaMay said he filed for a religious exemption and claimed the lack of jobs maintaining his pay grade and requiring him to move across the state for positions accepting his exemption were deplorable.

You can watch the Fox News report, here.

Social media users were flummoxed as to why anti-vaxxers–in spite of proven science COVID vaccines are effective and approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in fighting off the virus–remain obstinate in their self-serving positions.

People slammed for lacking sympathy have lost patience.

LaMay's former boss, State Patrol Chief John Batiste, issued the following statement:

“I am deeply saddened over the news that our former friend and colleague Trooper Robert LaMay has passed away. This agency’s prayers and remembrances are with his family and loved ones."
"Rob served honorably for over two decades and we were disappointed to see him leave the agency this past October. His service to this state and agency will be long remembered and appreciated."
"Let us now remember our old friend, support his family and loved ones, give thanks for his service, and resolve to meet the challenges ahead with continuing duty, dignity and respect.”