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Viral Video Of Little Girl Trick-Or-Treating In 'Beheaded' Costume Is Something To Behold 😵

2018 already has its "costume of the year" winner as far as the internet is concerned - and it's not even Halloween yet! A video of the cutest, most terrifying, pair of tiny trick-or-treaters is making the rounds and Twitter is in love!

The first costume is epic enough. A little girl in an adorable dress walks through the frame - while carrying her severed head. It takes some people a few seconds to figure out what they're seeing, but the costume is actually resting on the little girls shoulders. Her "body cavity" is her candy bucket!

Some people get so caught up in costume 1 that they don't notice the beheaded beauty is walking right by her butcher's side. A second little girl, who most people assume is an older sister, is dressed in an apron and some ghoulish makeup while merrily walking along and swinging a massive knife.

The pair are ADORABLE ... in a sinister, macabre, might-murder-you-or-haunt-your-dreams-forever kind of way.

So, yeah, obviously these two are Twitter's new favorite thing.

Some people were NOT having it, though.

So we want to know where you fall on the costume. Is it cool or crude? If you think the costume went too far, is it because the little girl too young for such a gory costume? Is it too much regardless of her age? Sound off in the comments!

H/T: Twitter, Fox LA