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The Youngest Skarsgård Brother Keeps Mocking His Famous Family On Twitter—And Fans Can't Get Enough

The Youngest Skarsgård Brother Keeps Mocking His Famous Family On Twitter—And Fans Can't Get Enough
Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images; Barry King/Getty Images

At the age of 26, Valter Skarsgård has already developed a fairly distinguished career in film and television, primarily in his native Sweden.

But if his name doesn't instantly ring a bell, you've likely heard of his father, Stellan Skarsgård, whose film appearances include an appearance in several MCU films, Dune, Mamma Mia and the acclaimed HBO mini-series Chernobyl, just to name a few of his many credits.

Valter's older brothers, Alexander, Gustaf and Bill have also each made substantial marks in Hollywood.

After first gaining attention on HBO's True Blood, 45-year-old Alexander won an Emmy award for his work on Big Little Lies, and has appeared in such films as Zoolander and Godzilla vs. Kong.

After first coming to prominence in film and theater in Sweden, 41-year-old Gustaf was a series regular on the History Channel's popular series Vikings, appeared in Westworld and recently played Merlin on the Netflix series Cursed.

And though the 31-year-old Bill has been working in film and television for over 20 years, his face will forever be immortalized as the nightmare inducing Pennywise the Clown in the two-part feature film version of Stephen King's It.

The fact Valter might not be as instantly recognizable as his father or older brothers doesn't seem to bother him.

On the contrary, he actually seems to relish it, as evidenced by a number of tweets poking fun at the fact he is the least famous member of the Skarsgård acting clan.

Indeed, when a recent tweet shared an interview quote from Alexander that if one Skarsgård wasn't available, there were plenty of others to choose from, Valter expressed his surprise they included him in the accompanying photos instead of his father.

When a fan subsequently pointed out they chose to include Valter because his father likely wasn't desperate for work, Valter had just the right response.

Valter even took it in stride when fans began to take sides with one of his three older, more famous brothers.

Though he did clearly draw the line when fans of his father and brothers expected him to act as a delivery boy.

Valter did make it clear in spite of his cheeky posts on Twitter, he never measures his own success against that of his older brothers.

It's the internet that does that for him.


He also pointed out that it is possible to be fans of every member of his famous family and no one is being forced to choose one over the others.


If Valter's fanbase was smaller than those for his father or brothers it likely won't be for much longer.

Valter's sarcastic tweets appear to have earned him a legion of new fans who are now most vehemently "team Valter."

One only hopes Valter won’t miss his relative anonymity.

Though, he did seem to spot at least one bright side in all the attention he gained in his amusing Twitter-storm.