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UPS Driver Praised After Video Shows Him Jumping In To Help Diabetic Teen After Violent Robbery

CBS New York/YouTube

A UPS driver is being lauded after a video showed him dropping everything to help a teenager who had just been attacked and robbed.

UPS employee Christopher McCall was working on his regular route through Chelsea in Manhattan, New York city, when he saw two men running after a teenager, punching and kicking him and pulling off his Nike Air Force One sneakers.

McCall came out of a building nearby, yelling at the men:

"Really? That's all you want?"
"You wanted his sneakers?"

You can see footage here:

The men took off, leaving the minor lying in the street.

After alerting McCall he couldn't breathe and he was diabetic, McCall propped his head up with a package so he could improve airflow.

A bystander called 911 while McCall gave the young man a banana to keep his blood sugar up.

That same bystander, an unidentified young woman, called McCall "very heroic."

"It was amazing to see New Yorkers come together rather than just walk by."

McCall said he was glad he happened to be there at the right time or he feared the worst for the teen.

"He was a nice-looking young man...And that was just like, yeah, he could have been dead."
"There was no stopping."
"It just looked like they just didn't have no remorse or regard for life."
"They would have finished him over some sneakers."

The NYPD arrested both suspects the following day—two minors, one aged 16 and one 17 who are facing charges of robbery and possession of stolen property.

McCall said he wasn't done helping the teen.

"We'll make him a UPS driver if he keeps moving forward."

The teen is expected to fully recover.