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TikToker Brands Herself The 'Ugliest Crier' After Getting Pulled Over For Running A Stop Sign

TikToker Avery Katherine hilariously recounted her run-in with the law through tears after rolling through a stop sign by her gym.

The "ugliest crier in the world" being pulled over on TikTok

For those who regularly speed or park where is the most convenient to them, being pulled over or receiving tickets is just part of some drivers' routines.

For others, being pulled over is a huge deal and the experience can be a very emotional one.

That seemed to be especially true for Avery Katherine Wood, or @averykatherinewood on TikTok, who dubbed herself the "ugliest crier there could possibly be" in the subject caption of her viral TikTok video.

While on her way to the gym to get her daily workout in, Wood was distracted and ran through a stop sign right before arriving at the gym. In addition to calling herself the ugliest crier, she referred to herself as "the worst driver ever," too.

Wood reflected on the incident:

"I just got pulled over, and he was so fine, too."

"I'm sorry, Carson [her boyfriend], I'm sorry."

"Apparently, he was behind me for a hot second, and I guess I rolled through a stop sign. I told you guys I was a bad driver."

"And he was like, 'Do you know why I pulled you over?' And I was like, 'Was I speeding?'"

"And he was like, 'No, but were you?' And I said, 'No, no, no, I was not speeding.'"

"And he said, 'You ran through a stop sign.'"

Wood referred to the incident as "so embarrassing," because she had been pulled over right in her gym's parking lot, and she felt like a lot of the people from her gym were watching.

It didn't help that she felt like she didn't know what to do in this situation.

When he asked for her license and registration, Wood didn't know what to give him.

"I don't even know what the flip that is. I just gave him my whole glove box."

You can watch the video here:


the ugliest crier there could possibly be. ##igotpulledover

While the officer was reviewing her information, Wood began crying for a second time.

When he returned, the officer saw her crying and attempted to lighten the mood by asking if he had pulled her over before.

"I said, 'No, you have never pulled me over before. I know that for dang sure.'"

"And he said like, 'Well, with those pretty eyes, I feel like I would remember you.'"

"And he was like, 'I'm gonna let you off. I'm not gonna write you a warning. I'm not gonna give you a citation. It was a super minor infraction. I'm gonna let you off because it was such a little deal.'"

"And I was like, 'I knew you were cute from the beginning. I knew you were my man, for real!'"

"Carson, this is just a prank. I'm sorry. I did not mean to say that."

Some reassured Wood that they would have reacted the same way when pulled over.





Others could not stop laughing about Wood's apology to her boyfriend, Carson.





Some also found the police officer's attempt to flirt endearing, as well.




Though Wood was overwhelmed by the experience, crying first because of being pulled over, crying for a second time because of having to have her identification checked, and crying for a third time while filming the video, the internet sure got a kick out of it.

But heartwarmingly, they were more so entertained by it, not to bully the young TikToker, but because they could see themselves behaving in a very similar way.

Wood signed off with:

" Peace and love. Make sure to stop at all of your stop signs."

With how viral this video was, hopefully a lot more drivers would think about this when passing through stop signs and stoplights.