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Woman Stunned To Find Out That Two Of Her Hens Are Actually In An Adorable Lesbian Relationship


If you love gay penguins at the zoo, you will love lesbian hens in the coop!

Amanda Brunton has the sweetest and most unlikely love story to come out of the pandemic.

In a Twitter thread, Brunton described the story, from taking in a runaway hen named Domino, to the sweet, happy ending.

Domino came to them very weak.

And had to be put in quarantine before quarantine was cool.

Enter Michelle Obrahma, the bantam Brahma.

When it was time to meet the other hens, something unexpected happened.

And then Brunton noticed Michelle Obrahma was struggling in a different way.

And that Domino was going in there being very protective of Michelle, and also spends nights with her.

After describing her behavior to a breeder, Brunton realized she had more than just a friendship on her hands.

Or "lesbi-hens" if you will.

People were enthralled by the lesbi-hens.

It's a cheerful read we all need during an endless time.

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Domino and Michelle are still happily chilling out with Brunton during lockdown, continuing their affectionate behavior.