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Utah Elementary School Fires Substitute Teacher After She Shames Student For Being Thankful For His Two Dads

When a substitute teacher in Utah asked her class what they were thankful for this Thanksgiving, no one probably expected the scene to end in the sub's forced removal from the school.

But, sadly, that's exactly what happened at Deerfield Elementary School in Cedar Hills.

After the substitute asked her question, one 11-year-old student identified as "D" said he was thankful he would soon be adopted by his two foster fathers.

That's when the teacher went off the rails, saying:

"That's nothing to be thankful for...Homosexuality is wrong. Two men living together is a sin."

Multiple other students implored the substitute to stop as she went on her rant.

But she refused to calm down, prompting several young girls to leave the room and get the school's principal.

The principal returned with the girls shortly thereafter to escort the substitute from the building.

Posting to social media, former Dancing With the Stars choreographer and dancer Louis van Amstel, one of the boy's fathers, thanked the girls and the principal for their swift action.

He was also told that the substitute would never be allowed to work at Deerfield Elementary every again.

Van Amstel told Fox 13 News that:

″'D' has been in foster care for years and has been through two failed adoptions, so his thankfulness was genuine."

The father also mentioned that the incident left his son shook up and fearful that it would make his two Dads hesitant to adopt him.

Upon returning home, however, the parents made sure to tell their son they "couldn't be more proud of him."

The next day, the parents and son were surprised at their front door by messages of love and support taped all over by their neighbors.

Van Amsel commented:

"So much good has come from this one ugly act that it's amazing to know we live in the right community."