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TV Reporter Catches Her Boyfriend Cheating On Her Thanks To His Own Fitbit

NFL Network; yacobchuk via Getty Images

Living in the technological age has really given us an advantage.

We can even track our fitness goals!

And yet, with that advantage comes a lot more accountability, as the (now ex) partner of NFL correspondent Jane Slater found out the hard way.

Slater reportedly bagged her boyfriend for cheating after their FitBits synced up and Slater noticed an unusual spike in physical activity at 4 am.

Unfortunately this seems like it was a common story for men with fit-watches who shared their data with their wives.

Several other users commented their stories:

The story, while incredibly upsetting, also has a "wow" factor that is kind of unmatchable.

For one thing, why was the FitBit still on?

And for another, how ironic is it that it sort of mirrors the husband in that Peloton commercial, which was very recently spoofed by Ryan Reynolds?

Clearly, fitness gifts are not the way to go for Christmas.

Or, you know, respect the rules and boundaries of your own relationship.

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