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Woman Goes Viral For Catching Her Boyfriend Cheating On Her Thanks To His Fitbit

Woman Goes Viral For Catching Her Boyfriend Cheating On Her Thanks To His Fitbit
@megan_boykoff/TikTok; @ladynadiaessex/TikTok

Infidelity has been around for as long as relationships have existed. People cheating is nothing new.

But infidelity accompanied by unprecedented connection through social media and the internet of things is new.

And, as a recent viral TikTok video showed, that pairing of technology and straying intimacy can be a recipe for total disaster--or deserving empowerment, depending who you ask.

The video in question was posted by TikTok user @ladynadiaessex, who was responding to a call to action from another TikTok user, @megan_boykoff.

@megan_boykoff asked followers to describe the exact moment they knew a past relationship finally had gone down the tubes. @ladynadiaessex gladly obliged.

In the selfie video, she explained that she discovered her now ex-boyfriend's cheating ways after his "night out with friends." While she prepared his breakfast, she noticed on her Fitbit--which was synced to his--that he'd burned over 500 calories between 2am and 3am.

Evidently ruling out the possibility that her boyfriend had suddenly joined a fight club, @ladynadiaessex proudly shared how she responded to the gadget-delivered bombshell.

"I shoved that breakfast where the sun don't shine, darling."

People on TikTok who saw the video were loving her no-nonsense attitude about the whole thing.




Some people had logistical questions. werew

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And plenty of people just appreciated the hot tip.

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So there you have it.

A subtle, steamy reminder that there are so many different varieties of fitness out there. Of course, we do suggest you all keep the romantic calorie-burning honest and faithful.

And as technology keeps improving and refining with every passing year, there's no knowing which other surprising methods of accountability may crop up in the future.