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MSNBC Hosts Drag GOP Sen. For Claiming 'Bad Weather' Prevented Him From Reading About QAnon Congresswoman

MSNBC; Stefani Reynolds-Pool/Getty Images

As Republicans in Congress are called upon to respond to Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia's long history of support for deranged conspiracy theories, some are finding some pretty flimsy excuses to avoid the subject.

Freshman GOP Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama, for instance, claimed he didn't know anything about Greene because the weather was bad recently.

Tuberville's ludicrous answer was lampooned by many political pundits, including the panelists of MSNBC's Morning Joe, who found his non-answer hilariously bad.

Twitter loved Joe Scarborough's impression of how Tuberville apparently gets his news:

"The paper boy is pushing through that snowstorm, [saying,] 'Extra, extra -- come get your news from Jan. 8. Where does Tommy live? Like, in Alabama we made fun of people on the planes, but good lord. What, is there a time warp of 50, 60 years?"

Twitter immediately backed up Morning Joe, throwing Tuberville some shade for what they believed was an obvious lie.

Does Tuberville, a sitting Senator, receive news differently than everyone else in the world?

Many Alabamans were disappointed in their Senator's behavior.

This is far from Tuberville's first comment to make him seem a little less-than-genius.

Tuberville, like many Republican Senators, is trying to avoid commenting on Marjorie Taylor Greene, but her presence in the Republican party can't be overlooked by the public.