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Video Comparing A Recent Trump Speech To A 2015 Campaign Speech Has People Concerned About His Health

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images; Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

It's been a longstanding notion that the presidency ages a person.

But ever since it was revealed that President Ronald Reagan was battling Alzheimers and dementia during his second term, people pay closer attention to cues about the mental acuity of the Commander in Chief.

So a recent press briefing by President Donald Trump had people pointing out a definite difference between Trump now and the Trump that ran for President.

In back to back videos the changes seem drastic.

Although a full review of the video indicates the President struggles with reading, which is also an indicator of ill health or mental decline.

President Trump Holds Ceremony Launching U.S. Space Command | TIME

Unless the person always struggled to read.

Some cited exhaustion from all the traveling to play golf at his own resorts every week.

While others had alternate theories.

Whatever the cause, people were concerned 73 year-old Trump might not be capable or fit for 2020.

Although a few had other questions...

The 2020 presidential election is 427 days away.

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