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Kentucky Pastor Becomes Accidental Focus Of Trump's Wrath After Trump Mistakenly Tags Him In A Tweet


In case it isn't obvious by now, President Donald Trump rarely thinks before he tweets.

One Twitter user learned that the hard way after the President accidentally tagged him in an angry tweet for all of Trump's nearly 64 million followers to see.

Jonathan Karl (@JonKarl) is an ABC News reporter who questioned an assertion by Trump that Hurricane Dorian would most likely hit as far west as Alabama. No models indicated this and no one knew where Trump got the idea.

Trump sounded off on Twitter after Karl pointed this out, but in his initial tweet, he tagged Jonathan Carl (@JonathanCarl), a Kentucky pastor of South Fork Baptist Church.

Trump deleted the tweet before reposting with the correct account, but the damage was done.


Carl got the surprise of his life, before praying for protection for those *actually* in Dorian's path.

Carl told the Courier Journal of the incident:

"I'm not on Twitter too often, so somebody on Facebook gave me a heads up. I just had a laugh. … I'm a victim of a drive-by tweet."

Other Twitter users felt sorry for the sudden onslaught and, in a rare moment for the internet, everyone responded with gracious replies.

Carl didn't assert a political opinion regarding the matter, but he did defend the President and his critics, against banal rhetoric.

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