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Trump Complains That Proposals For Mail-In Voting In Original Stimulus Bill Would've Meant That 'You Would Never Have A Republican Elected In This Country Again'

Trump Complains That Proposals For Mail-In Voting In Original Stimulus Bill Would've Meant That 'You Would Never Have A Republican Elected In This Country Again'
Pete Marovich-Pool, via Getty Images

To help Americans shoulder the economic impacts of the pandemic, Congress has quickly pushed through a few economic relief bills.

Now begins phase two: criticisms from the peanut gallery.

Among others, the Head Honcho himself, President Donald Trump offered his insights. And strange as ever, his hot take sounded almost identical to an argument Democrats have long made about voting access.

The typically snail-paced U.S. Congress has been moving at breakneck speed to respond to economic and public health impacts of the virus, relatively speaking.

In mere weeks, a $2.2 trillion economic relief package was proposed, drafted, and passed by both the House and Senate. That's pretty much light speed in Washington, DC.

As with all bills, this one, passed on March 26, was originally written and passed by the Democratic majority House and sent to the Republican controlled Senate for final edits and approval.

Donald Trump has not been shy about blasting that original bill written in the House, which he makes a point to associate purely with the Democrats.

During an appearance on Fox and Friends, President Trump offered his hot take on the first draft.

"The things they had in there were crazy. They had things, levels of voting that if you ever agreed to, you would never have a Republican elected in this country again."
"They had things in there about election days and what you do and all sorts of drawbacks. They had things that were just totally crazy."

Find the full clip below.

The "crazy levels of voting" that Trump alluded to were a $4 billion fund that would have delegated money to states so they could afford to boost infrastructure around absentee and mail-in voting.

And his conviction that no Republican candidate could ever win had people scratching their heads. Democrats have often levied that criticism against Republicans.

The Democratic Party has long called out voter suppression techniques enacted by Republicans to prevent people from voting, thus ensuring election wins.

Perhaps you've heard Bernie Sanders' repeated claim, "WHEN MORE AMERICANS VOTE, DEMOCRATS WIN!"

Zoe Lofgren, a Democratic representative from California who spearheaded the mail-in measure made a statement responding to Trump's criticism, The Hillreports.

"The President says that if we make it easier to vote, Republicans will lose elections."
"He is apparently willing to expose voters to the deadly COVID-19 for purely partisan political advantage."
"Every American, regardless of party affiliation, should condemn the President's apparent belief that it's a good thing for American voters to risk their lives when safer voting alternatives are possible."

Twitter users were clearly on the up and up regarding Trump's confusing messaging.

The final Senate-passed version of the bill does include funding for states to bolster their mail-in voting capabilities, though significantly less of it, at $400 million instead of the proposed $4 billion, The Hill continued.

They always say you don't want to see how sausage or politics are made. We can still avoid sausage, but Trump keeps throwing in our faces how politics are made.

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