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Trump Is Now Absurdly Claiming That Children 'Raid' Mailboxes 'All The Time' To Steal People's Mail-In Ballots

Doug MIlls-Pool/Getty Images

After getting his a$ handed to him for lying about absentee voting measures on Twitter, Donald Trump continued to rail against expanded mail-in voting policies designed to allow citizens to exercise their constitutional rights without jeopardizing their health.

Trump falsely tweeted that voting by mail is rife with fraud, though evidence debunks this, as Twitter's fact checks pointed out.

The President was so livid that Twitter had the gall to fact check his claims that by Thursday, he was issuing an executive order designed to crack down on social media outlets' ability to moderate content.

While signing that executive order in the Oval Office, the President made a bizarre claim.

Watch below.

In response to a reporter's skepticism of his claims of voter fraud, Trump said:

"Oh really? So when [California Governor Gavin Newsom] sends out 28 million ballots in all the mailboxes, and kids go and they raid the mailboxes, and they hand them to people that are signing the ballots down the end of the street, which is happening. They grab the ballots. You don't think that happens? There's ballot harvesting."

Wait, what?

He continued:

"You don't think they rip them out of mailboxes? It's all the time, you read about it, you can read about it. Take a look."

People did, in fact, take a look: the claim is baseless.

Then again, Twitter users could have told you that.

The lies about mail-in voting continue.

The kids are all right. Donald, however, doesn't seem to be.