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Trevor Noah Had The Perfect Analogy For Dr. Oz Suggesting 'Local Political Leaders' Should Dictate Abortions

Trevor Noah likens Mehmet Oz saying 'local political leaders' should have a say in abortions to a teenager buying condoms.

Trevor Noah; Mehmet Oz
Rich Fury/Getty Images; Leigh Vogel/Getty Images

Daily Show host Trevor Noah criticized New Jersey Republican millionaire and Pennsylvania Senate candidate Mehmet Oz for suggesting "local political leaders" should dictate abortions, saying “being pro-Trump and being pro-reasonable is a lot harder than people think."

Noah's likened Oz's remark that politicians should have a say in abortions to a teenager buying condoms and noted that Oz had made it seem—at least at first—that he was on the side of women being allowed to make their own reproductive health decisions.

You can hear what Noah said in the video below.

Dr. Oz Makes Shocking Abortion Comment in Fetterman Debate | The Daily

Noah called Oz "slick" for adding politicians into his list of preferred people:

“[It] was pretty slick, right? I like how he did it. Because he started that sentence like he was on the side of women."
“And then he snuck in the politicians at the end, like a teenager buying condoms at a gas station. He’s like ‘Uh, let me get those Cheetos, and the root beer, and canIgetthoseTrojancondomsplease.”

Noah's criticisms came after Oz said the decision about whether to terminate a pregnancy should be left to women, their doctors and "local political leaders."

Oz made the remark during the first and only debate between him and his Democratic rival John Fetterman when asked about whether or not he supported a federal abortion ban—as was recently proposed by South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsay Graham—banning most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

Oz's answer prompted Fetterman to sound the alarm on Twitter, calling Oz's position "EXTREME" and warning should Oz win the Pennsylvania Senate race, he'd effectively hand the "political" side of abortion decisions to Republicans like Doug Mastriano, the GOP's candidate in Pennsylvania's gubernatorial election.

The comedian's commentary struck a chord with viewers.

Meanwhile, criticism against Oz has continued to mount elsewhere.

Noah went on to joke that the only politician who should have a say in whether or not women get abortions is "Herschel Walker, ’cause it’s his!”

Walker—a Georgia Republican Senate candidate—has been mired in scandal following reports that he fathered several children out of wedlock, paid for a girlfriend's abortion, and pressured her to get a second one despite coming out against reproductive rights and endorsing a proposal to ban all abortion procedures nationwide—even for cases of rape, incest and when the mother's life is in jeopardy.