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TikToker Shares Genius Hack To Avoid Unpopped Kernels At The Bottom Of The Popcorn Bag

TikToker @sidneyraz shared an ingenious hack to get rid of unpopped kernels before opening a microwave popcorn bag.

TikToker Shares Genius Hack To Avoid Unpopped Kernels At The Bottom Of The Popcorn Bag

Life hacks: they permeate social media with lists and videos of tips and tricks to help make your life a little bit easier. Sponge storage, school supply organization...popcorn kernels?

The last one is the life hack that recently went viral on TikTok, where TikToker @sidneyraz share his hack to get rid of the unpopped kernels of popcorn out of a microwave popcorn back before pouring the rest of the fluffy popcorn into a bowl.

The secret? Using the air vent as a make-shift sieve. Before fulling opening the bag, shake the bag, vent down, over the trash or another bowl and the unpopped will fall out while the popped kernels will be too big to fit through the opening.


this whole time there was a solution #inmy30s #popcorn #tipsandtricks

Reactions were quick to pop up—pun fully intended—starting with people talking about how they didn't realize people could do this with the unpopped kernels.



Others were asking, if this is such a helpful way to use it, why don't they write that on the pack?



Others thanked the TikToker—who is known for posting life hacks and small solutions—for how he has helped their lives.





However, there were those who were not interested in this new solution.

Some actually enjoy eating the unpopped kernels at the bottom of the bowl.




And many people really love the half-popped kernels more than unpopped or fluffy.





No matter your popcorn texture preference, this method will at least separate the unpopped kernels in or out, as the case may be.