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Woman Got The Shadiest Revenge After Finding Out Her Tinder Match Is Married With Kids

Woman Got The Shadiest Revenge After Finding Out Her Tinder Match Is Married With Kids

If you've ever wished you could get revenge on the douchebag who did you wrong on Tinder, this is the story for you!

A woman on TikTok named Nadiyah has gotten the last laugh in a way most of us could only dream of: When she found out her date was married with kids, she invited the man's wife on their date.

Nadiyah, who goes by @spunky_brewstah on the platform, uploaded a TikTok video of her epic gotcha, and people are loving it.

In her video, Nadiyah details via screenshots exactly how it all went down.

After matching with the guy in question, Eric, she chatted him up to make sure they were on the same page as far as what they were looking for. Eric claimed to be a "one lady kind of man," so the game was on, and the two set up a date for a Saturday night.

However, as Nadiyah cautioned in her video, one must always "trust but verify" when it comes to dating, right? So she immediately went to the internet to check up on Eric and make sure he was telling the truth.

And surprise, surprise—he absolutely wasn't.

On Facebook, Nadiyah found not only has Eric been in a relationship for two-and-a-half years and married for seven months, but he also has six kids. Six—as in a half-dozen.

So in a stroke of deeply shady genius, Nadiyah asked Eric if she could bring a female friend to their upcoming date. He agreed, so Nadiyah gave him a look at the "guest of honor" she'd be bringing on their date by sending him a selfie of Eric and his wife that she found on Facebook.

As Nadiyah said in the caption of her video, "I woke up and chose petty." But petty or not, Eric was caught red-handed and could only reply, "You smooth."

What else is there to say, after all?

Nadiyah's fellow TikTokers applauded her exploits.









Nadiyah's fans even included a few women who thought Eric looked awfully familiar...



Let this be a lesson to all the cheaters out there: You gotta be way more slick than this in the age of the internet.