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TikToker Forces 'Creepy Old Man' To Delete The Photos He Took Of Her And Her Friends At Beach

TikToker Forces 'Creepy Old Man' To Delete The Photos He Took Of Her And Her Friends At Beach

It's a situation all too many women have found themselves in—the realization a bystander has been photographing or videoing them without their consent.

One woman on TikTok decided she'd had enough when it happened to her.

After she caught a man photographing her and her friends in their bikinis, she forced him to delete the photos and then uploaded the whole incident to TikTok.

The incident happened to TikToker @bare_naked on a beach in Florida over the weekend.

The video she uploaded has gone viral as scores of women and men alike have applauded her for fighting back.

The video shows @bare_naked going through the man's iPhone photo gallery after catching him in the act. The onscreen text sums up the altercation:

"When you catch a creepy old man taking pics of you and your friends at the beach."

As she goes through his photos, selecting each snap of her and her friends for deletion, another woman can be heard saying:

“Yea, you’re going to delete all those pictures"

Throughout the incident the man simply complies with the women's directions, obviously embarrassed at being caught.

As cut-and-dried as the ethics of this situation might seem, several commenters criticized @bare_naked for confronting the man, defending his actions on the basis that he didn't do anything illegal.


As one commenter put it:

"It might be wrong for him to take those pics but he’s allowed under the law and legally u can’t force him to delete the pics"

Several other men echoed that sentiment, with one actually claiming @bare_naked was in the wrong for touching the old man while deleting his photos.


He wrote:

"you're in public, anyone can video or take pictures. You don't get to touch anyone else, so technically you're in the wrong"

As you might guess, those sentiments didn't go over very well, and many TikTokers were as appalled by them as they were by the original incident.











Let's just all agree to not photograph people without their consent, even if it is legal.