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Woman Praised After Stepping In To Save Woman From 'Creepy' Stranger Asking About Her Toes

Woman Praised After Stepping In To Save Woman From 'Creepy' Stranger Asking About Her Toes

If you see something, say something, as the adage goes, and one young woman on TikTok is being praised for doing just that.

The TikToker, who goes by the name pikanab, has gone viral after posting a video in which she saved a woman from a deeply creepy stranger who was asking her about her toes.

Pikanab spied the woman from across the street and quickly intervened.

@pikanab I WAS SO SCARED. THIS IS WHY GIRL NEED TO STICK TOGETHER. Has anything ever happened like this before to u?##fyp##fypage##pov##schoolpov##honab
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As Pikanab described in her video, she was initially unsure whether to intervene.

But given how late it was at night, and the fact that the woman looked "really uncomfortable," Pikanab talked herself into going over and seeing what was up.

As she put it in the video:

"OK, I'm from New York, girls supporting girls. I'm just going to go up to her."

When she got to the woman, she executed a perfect ruse.

She pretended like the woman was her good friend, and that she'd been waiting for her in the car. Pikanab then strikes up a conversation with the man who was talking to the woman, asking in a friendly manner who he was and what they were talking about.

His answer should send a chill down even the steeliest of spines:

"Nothing. Just asking her if her … toes are long."

The creep factor on pikanab's face was palpable.

She then repeated that they have to go, as if they were late for an engagement, and the two women ran off together. Pikanab asked if she needed a ride as they went, and the woman sheepishly said "Yes, please," her voice audibly afraid.

On TikTok, people praised pikanab for having the courage to intervene.










The video of Pikanab's heroism has definitely struck a chord. As of this writing, it has been viewed more than 32 million times and has more than 10 million likes.

Hopefully it inspires others to help out with situations like this too.