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TikTokers Brutally Pranked Their Parents On Christmas By Claiming Their Favorite Celebs Just Died–And Oof

From Obama to Oprah, the cruel Christmas prank left parents freaking out—and viewers divided.

TikTok screenshots of reactions to celebrity death prank
@stevescooche/TikTok; @tyraine_p/TikTok

Christmas sparks many emotions including joy, love and excitement. But let's not forget there's a ton of things to remember like buying gifts for our family and friends, cooking holiday feasts, decorating, etc....

But although life happens and tragedies occur year-round, death isn't really at the top of anyone's lists and doesn't really epitomize the holiday spirit. Which is why the celebrity death trend taking TikTok by storm is throwing many for a loop.

It's a jingle ball of confusion for both the prank-ees and the commenters who don't quite know how to react.

We all love a good prank and even better a prank on a parent, but some think this one may have gone a bit far. Teens took to TikTok in a prank so jarring it left mom's and dad's everywhere screaming, literally, with some even crying.

It all began with a little white lie, actually a pretty big one.

TikTokers reported fake news stories about the deaths of some of their parents' favorite celebrities.

Hugh Grant, Zac Efron, Howard Stern, John Travolta and Bon Jovi to name a few were all part of the viral trend.

Here's a compilation of some of the TikTok celebrity death pranks gone oh so wrong yet totally right—at least in the TikToker's opinion:


This is all over my fyp and I can’t stop laughing 😂 #fakecelebrityprank #fakecelebritydeath #fyp #oprahwinfrey

The pranksters behind these viral videos research the celebs' ages and convey the news from behind a screen to their parents in a most shocked and startled manner, leaving those who've heard the bad news bewildered.

One of the viral videos shows a TikToker conveying the death of Cher at 81 to her parents. The video begins with a horrified "Oh my God" and ends with sheer confusion. You can see the mother gasp with a horrified "NO" while the father retorts with a befuddled "my Cher?"

Another video going viral at seven million views, shows a heartbroken mom whose scream is sure to be remembered for many Christmases to come after hearing the news of the tragic passing of singer Ozzy Osbourne.


I think my mom never wants me back for Christmas dinner 😬 #fakecelebrityprank #fakecelebritydeath #ozzy #ozzyosbourne #merrychristmas

The video that now has thousands of likes and shares, is captioned "this trend is vicious, I think I ruined Christmas." And some agree that this trend definitely has the ability to do just that.

Cher wasn't the only celebrity whose fake death announcement racked up major views. Bon Jovi's passing shook up a very concerned dad who pleaded with his family not to tell his wife in fear she would cry, but of course the prank wasn't complete until total distress was caused, so the family in all pranking fashion made sure to tell the mom.


Part one. Sorry Karen Sorry @Bon Jovi #CelebrityDeathPrank #BonJovi

Which only resulted in (as the dad predicted) devastation.

A few fan favorites were Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama death pranks that were revealed to multiple chaotic reactions from the entire family.

Winfrey's death was told to a room full of family in disbelief with the mom holding her head and screaming "you're lying."


Telling my parents Oprah died 😭🤣#ghanatiktok #fyp #viral #foryoupage #funny#fypシ #oprah

The Obama prank ended similarly with one member getting up and standing in front of the TikTokers face because she couldn't believe her ears.


Im dying 😭😭😭#barackobama

Commenters all over TikTok are divided, with some laughing loudly, others feeling guilty for laughing and some not laughing at all.
















It definitely is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for the parents and a hilarious bit for the TikTokers who put their parents through it all.

Let's hope the families can all get on the same page afterwards.