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Subway Posters For 'The Northman' Somehow Don't Include The Title—So Twitter Is Hilariously Filling In The Blank

Subway Posters For 'The Northman' Somehow Don't Include The Title—So Twitter Is Hilariously Filling In The Blank

If you've been anywhere near the internet or TV lately, you've likely heard about the new film The Northman as commercials have hit the airwaves and the film's star-studded cast have begun walking red carpets at various glitzy premieres.

The sweeping Viking epic from director Robert Eggers star-studded cast includes Alexander Skarsgård and Nicole Kidman, making the film pretty hard to miss as its opening weekend approaches.

But if you get most of your advertising from the New York city subway?

Well, then you likely know something with Skarsgård and Kidman brooding in Viking garb is happening at a cinema near you, but you sure as heck don't know what it's called.

Because the film's marketing team seems to have forgotten to put the film's title on its poster.

Uh, oops.

Naturally, Twitter took notice of the bizarre omission.

The roasting of The Northman marketing team has begun—along with a wave of memes in which people have helpfully added some very creative missing titles.

See the poster below.


It's hard to imagine how this mistake could have happened.

The cast alone makes this film release an event. You've got Skarsgård and Kidman, two of Hollywood's biggest stars at the moment whom legions of fans have been waiting years to see together again since their roles as husband and wife in HBO's binge-worthy Big Little Lies.

Then you've got Anya Taylor-Joy, star of Netflix's The Queen's Gambit, four-time Oscar nominee Willem Dafoe, Gen X icon Ethan Hawke and Icelandic music legend Björk rounding out the cast.

As the poster notes three separate times, the whole thing is written and directed by Robert Eggers, the acclaimed director of The Witch and The Lighthouse.

Surely, the team intended the title to be left off as some sort of marketing tease, right? There's no way they'd make an error this big on a film this major.

Whatever the case, Twitter took swift action to rectify the situation with the most absurd titles imaginable.

And the roasts just keep on coming.

Anyway, The Northman comes to a theater near you on April 22.

And it was directed by Robert Eggers, in case you haven't heard.

You can watch the trailer, complete with film title, here: