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MTG Roasted After Ranting About How Many Stores Now Carry Butt Plugs And Dildos

The MAGA Rep. called out Target and CVS for stocking the adult sex toys in their stores at a recent New York Young Republican Club event.

Marjorie Taylor Green
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene was widely mocked online after she complained about how many stores now carry sex toys like butt plugs and dildos during a recent New York Young Republican Club event.

A seemingly bewildered Green questioned "the state we're living in right now" while decrying the sale of adult sex toys in the stores, though her remarks did prompt several social media users to wonder how she knew these stores sell them in the first place.

You can hear what Greene said in the video below.

Speaking to the crowd, Greene said:

"By the way, you can pick up a butt plug or a dildo at Target and CVS nowadays."
"I don't even know how we got here. Sorry, I know you might still be finishing your dessert. I apologize."
"This is the state that we’re living in right now.”

It was one of Greene's most random observations yet and she was quickly mocked as a result.

A few questioned Greene's interest in banning sex toys over banning guns, which have been responsible for actual deaths.

Greene's remarks at the New York Young Republican Club gala were on the more light-hearted side compared to comments she made during the same event about the January 6 insurrection.

Greene is still facing harsh criticism for claiming she and White nationalist Steve Bannon—best known as former Republican President Donald Trump's ex-chief strategist—"would've won" the insurrection if they had planned it.

Greene denied she was involved in plotting the riot at the United States Capitol, which took place after a mob of Trump's supporters attacked the nation's seat of government on the false premise the 2020 general election had been stolen.

But she did say if she planned it, the insurrectionists "would've been armed," a statement that prompted many to accuse her of gunning for more violence during an attack that left at least five people dead and resulted in over 100 injuries to law enforcement as well as millions of dollars in damages.