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Stephen King Has A Fiery Warning For Brits Ahead Of Trump's U.K. Visit πŸ”₯

Photos by Leigh Vogel-WireImage- Chris Kleponis-Pool - Getty Images

Stephen King, who is the master of horror stories, went after Donald Trump again on Twitter this week.

It's no secret there is no love lost between the two men, but perhaps when it came down to a war of words, Trump did the smart thing and blocked King on Twitter. You simply can't win bigly against a master storyteller.

This week, Trump will be visiting the United Kingdom which no doubt means there will plenty of protests. It seems King wanted the Brits to know that the majority of Americans didn't vote for Trump. He tweeted:

The majority of King fans agreed, and it looked like England was gearing up to protest.

But others felt King was being unfair.

Regardless, it doesn't look like Trump will receive a warm welcome.

Maybe Trump should stay home and read a good book. We're sure King could suggest one.

H/T: Huffington Post, Twitter