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Skeptical Fans Are A Bit More On Board With Will Smith's Genie After The Newest Extended 'Aladdin' Trailer

Disney's Aladdin/Twitter, @illucifer/Twitter

Skeptical Disney fans have a reason to breathe a little easier now that the studio has released a new trailer for the upcoming live action adaptation of Aladdin.

The original trailer, if you can recall, was not all that well received. Here it is again, just for reference. (We apologize in advance.)

ALADDIN Trailer 2 (2019)

At the time of its release last month, many questioned whether the remake could live up to the style of the original 1992 animated film. (And what the hell was up with Will Smith as the Genie? He's no Robin Williams, and the casting choice seemed rather farfetched.)

But ya'll can relax now.

This new trailer? Check it out:

Aladdin Official Trailer | will Smith

People are really digging it.

Will Smith doesn't look anywhere near as bad as people thought, the tone of this trailer feels a lot smoother, and the music sounds like it's going to give us a real good time.

Disney, your people REALLY should have released this trailer first, don't you think?

There is hope for Will Smith yet!

Could this film usher us into a whole new world? It's possible. We're bound to see more teasers before the film comes out on May 24.

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