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White Woman's Toast At Mixed-Race Couple's Wedding Is A Certified Trainwreck: 'I Love Black People'

The woman promised she's 'not going to be racist.'

White Woman's Toast At Mixed-Race Couple's Wedding Is A Certified Trainwreck: 'I Love Black People'

We've all seen a cringe wedding toast or two in our day. But you've probably never seen anything like this one.

A White woman's toast delivered at a mixed-race wedding has gone mega viral for all the wrong reasons after being posted to TikTok by the groom's sister, who goes by @Browneyed_Beautee on the platform.

You're probably thinking the wedding guest was awkward and nervous, or maybe a bit too drunk to be on the mic or something, right?

It is so much worse.

Like saying, "I'm not gonna be racist" and then immediately being racist worse. Like mocking a "Blaccent" worse. Like saying, in all seriousness and sincerity, "I love Black people... Y'all are THE BEST" worse.

See the woman's toast below, but be aware everyone who watches it dies of cringe within 24 hrs, kind of like the plot of The Ring.

Or so I've heard.


⚠️CRINGE WARNING⚠️ So my brother got married this past weekend and this was one of the speeches from friends… 😬🫣 Think miss girl was nervous but wheeww had a few of us like 😳😅

The toast is cringe right from the jump when the woman, who identified herself as Shannon, mocks the way bride Tracy always talks about how in love she is with groom Anthony.

Shannon then quipped:

"And I'm like 'I don't care.'"

Between her mockery of the bride's voice and her kidding-but-not-kidding delivery the whole thing comes off like a passive-aggressive dig that seems to instantly change the air in the room.

And then she kept talking.

She next jokingly threatens Anthony, telling him if he doesn't take good care of Tracy, "I know where you live." We've all made that joke at one time or another, but coming from a White woman to a Black man she by her own admission barely knows?

And then she still. Kept. Talking.

She next informed the crowd:

“I’m not going to be racist, you guys."

Which means she is definitely going to be racist.

And boy does Shannon deliver, doing a mocking, stereotypical impression of a Black person using a "Blaccent"—complete with finger snaps, neck rolls and hair flips—before rapid-fire saying "just kidding" over and over again in the most awkward and defensive way possible.

Do you want to run away screaming yet? Well too bad, because there's still so much more!

Shannon then proceeded to point out how much negativity Anthony and Tracy are going to get for being an interracial couple, because nothing says "congrats and best wishes on your nuptials!" like reminding the happy couple they will never be free from the threat of racist abuse.

It's here Shannon went on to rhapsodize about her love for Black people.

Because remember—she's not racist!

“I swear, I love Black people."
"You guys are THE BEEEST."
"My own daughter’s great aunt is like, the best one."

"The best one..." Hoo, boy.

It's shortly after this point someone blessedly began loudly clapping over Shannon and the crowd followed suit, applauding her off the mic at long last.

But by that point, the damage had long since been done.

And on Twitter?

Well you can probably imagine how this came off.

Thankfully, the groom's sister who posted the speech to TikTok said in a follow-up video the wedding was lovely other than this one cringe moment.

The other speeches were perfect.

Shannon was the only one who required an "I'm not going to be racist" disclaimer.