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Seth MacFarlane Wishes 'Family Guy' Was On 'Any Other Network' In Tweet Blasting Fox Over Tucker Carlson

Seth MacFarlane Wishes 'Family Guy' Was On 'Any Other Network' In Tweet Blasting Fox Over Tucker Carlson
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images; OGUT/Star Max/GC Images

In September 2020, Fox renewed the long-running series Family Guy for at least two more seasons, or until 2023.

But it seems the show's creator, Seth MacFarlane, might be regretting that agreement.

The comedian took to Twitter to bemoan the fact that his popular animated sitcom airs on Fox, which shares corporate ownership with the far-right-leaning Fox News.

MacFarlane pointed specifically to Tucker Carlson, who is popular with viewers of the cable news outlet.

The "affair" MacFarlane mentions with NBC referred to a $200 million five-year deal with NBCUniversal.

While McFarlane didn't mention exactly what Carlson said to prompt his Tweet, the right-wing correspondent's outlandish claims have caused an inordinate amount of controversy in the last year.

Carlson claimed the FBI was involved with the January 6 insurrection on the Capitol, and that safety guidelines for Covid-19 were merely a ploy to help President Joe Biden get elected.

McFarlane's discontent with Fox is nothing new, however.

In addition to frequent jabs at Fox and its news outlet on Family Guy, MacFarlane has personally called out Carlson and other Fox News correspondents.

MacFarlane took to Twitter in June 2018, saying he was embarrassed to work at Fox, after Carlson declared on the air that viewers should ignore anything reported on major news stations.

"In other words, don't think critically, don't consult multiple news sources, and in general, don't use your brain. Just blindly obey Fox News. This is fringe sh*t, and it's business like this that makes me embarrassed to work for this company."

In April 2020, MacFarlane called out Laura Ingram, who claimed an article by The Washington Post, published during the height of the pandemic, pushed for the lockdown to continue "indefinitely."

"I really cannot fathom that we produce content for the same corporation. Laura, that is an insane remark. Everyone wants this to end. The sane among us are only trying to follow the lead of responsible science with regard to the timing. Please use your platform more responsibly"

Should Family Guy continue on a different network at the end of its current contract, it wouldn't be the first time MacFarlane has moved one of his shows from Fox.

After premiering on Fox in 2005, MacFarlane's second animated series, American Dad, subsequently moved to TBS in 2014.

His more recent live action series, The Orville, which debuted on Fox in 2017, will move to Hulu for its upcoming third season.

McFarlane's Twitter followers were quick to show their support for Family Guy finding a new home.

One follower hinted that MacFarlane's deal with NBC could provide an interesting turn for Family Guy's future.

Other followers couldn't help but point out that Tucker Carlson and others at Fox News provide plenty of material for future episodes of Family Guy and his other shows.

Indeed, one can imagine that Carlson and other employees at Fox News will be waiting with bated breath when Family Guy returns for its 20th season on Fox this September.