Sean Hannity Compared Trump's Canceled Meeting With The Taliban To Churchill's WWII Strategy

Fox News

President Donald Trump raised eyebrows when announcing that he'd planned to meet with leaders of the Taliban, a violent fundamentalist political group who sheltered Osama Bin Laden after the September 11 attacks.

He'd planned to meet them at Camp David on the week of September 11, and only called it off after the Taliban took credit for a bombing in Kabul that left 12 people, including an American soldier, dead.

Many were astonished that the meeting was being pursued in the first place.

Fox News host Sean Hannity scrambled to defend the President for pursuing negotiations with terrorists on American soil on the anniversary of the most horrific attack on the United States in modern history

All in a day's work at Fox News.

Hannity decided to spin the scandal by comparing Trump to former British Prime Minister and World War II icon Winston Churchill.

Watch the bizarre defense below.

"The President has said he's more than willing to talk to anybody, but he's not willing to appease the murderous regimes."

Hannity apparently forgot the President's constant praise for murderous North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, his siding with Russian President Vladimir Putin over U.S. intelligence officials regarding 2016 election meddling and his defense of Saudi Arabia after its Crown Prince, Mohammad Bin Salman, brutally murdered then dismembered an American journalist.

Hannity continued:

"We saw Europe learn this the hard way. Remember, Neville Chamberlin came back after meeting with Hitler in Munich and tried to appease Nazi Germany, told the people of Great Britain they will have peace in their time."
"But in the end, appeasement never works. Winston Churchill had the moral clarity.
"He understood the nature of this enemy and he knew there was only one way to negotiate with a tyrant and a killer and a mass murderer like Hitler."

In this, Hannity is right.

Churchill had the moral clarity to realize there was only one way to negotiate with a mass murderer like Hitler.

The two nearly met in 1932—almost a decade before the first Nazi death camp opened.


Unlike Churchill, Trump agreed to meet with the Taliban after they'd killed countless innocent people and harbored the coordinators of the September 11 attacks.

People were astonished at the comparison.


The film Darkest Hour is available here to see a dramatic interpretation of Churchill during WWII.


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