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Sarah Palin Defends Herself After Being Called A 'Serial Liar', Claims Trump Is 'Directing The Wind' In Unhinged Interview

Sarah Palin Defends Herself After Being Called A 'Serial Liar', Claims Trump Is 'Directing The Wind' In Unhinged Interview
Good Morning Britain/YouTube

Sarah Palin—one time mayor of Wasilla, Alaska and governor of the same state—made an appearance on ITV morning chat show Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid Wednesday.

It was what could be called an interesting interview.

It could also be referred to as "WTF just happened?"

Palin addressed being called a serial liar by one of her campaign aides. She also talked about the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

In December, Trump became just the third President in United States history to be impeached. His trial in the Senate is pending.

Watch the full interview here.

Sarah Palin on Trumps Impeachment and Being Called a 'Serial Liar'| Good Morning

The cringe-inducing segment saw Reid confront Palin over her propensity for lying.

Reid asked the former governor of Alaska to verify some false claims she had previously made after Palin said she would be "interested to see any examples" of her lies.

As Reid listed statistics which Palin previously cited, the politician responded:

"Keep going on Susanna, keep them going."

Palin finally justified her lies by claiming people who disagree with her "don't know the facts."

She didn't specify if she meant factual facts or the White House's brand of "alternative facts."

After defending Trump by claiming he's smashing the "status quo" in a disjointed diatribe, Palin said:

"What we do appreciate about Donald Trump is that he's not a typical politician with his finger to the wind. No, he's directing the wind."

Hopefully all his wind directing doesn't give him windmill cancer.

People found the interview unwatchable.

Some found the interview so painful they even preferred listening to Piers Morgan.

Many wondered who was a better Sarah Palin: the real deal or Tina Fey.

Palin's own political career is less impressive than it initially sounds. While she was elected governor of Alaska, Palin resigned before completing her term in order to take advantage of money making opportunities her new fame created.

The highest political office Palin held and successfully completed a term in was as mayor of Wasilla.

Since her unsuccessful campaign to be Vice President, Palin has helmed several unsuccessful reality TV shows. In recent years, the former VP candidate makes news cycles more often for her family's battles with law enforcement and personal scandals than personal accomplishments.