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GOP Candidate's Tweet Denying She Ever Hit Anyone With Her Car Or A Frying Pan Resurface After Primary Win

GOP Candidate's Tweet Denying She Ever Hit Anyone With Her Car Or A Frying Pan Resurface After Primary Win

The North Carolina midterm primaries were held yesterday, and aside from the explosive news of far-right Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn losing his seat, there was another big story from the tar heel state.

After Sandy Smith locked up the Republican primary in North Carolina's first district, all anyone could talk about was a bonkers tweet from last week in which she insisted she never ran over anyone with her car or hit them with a frying pan. She promises!

In the bizarre tweet--which is for whatever reason still live on Smith's feed--she denies extremely specific allegations about two attempts to injure her ex-husband in the aforementioned manners.

See the tweet below.

Smith, an acolyte of former Republican President Donald Trump, addressed the allegations in a tweet that could have been written by Trump himself.

She wrote:

"I never ran over anyone with a car and I never hit anyone in the head with a frying pan."
"If I did that don't you think I would be in jail?"
"All of these #FakeNews allegations have been dismissed by a judge and the people peddling these lies will PAY when I take them to court."

She then went on to invoke one of Trump's favorite images, "the swamp"--meaning Washington, D.C.--before threatening to bring a frying pan to Congress.

The claims come from opposition research by one of Smith's opponents, which includes allegations of domestic violence from her two ex-husbands.

One claimed that Smith tried to hit him with a frying pan and tried to run him over with her car. During Smith's marriage to her second husband, both were arrested for domestic violence, though the charges were eventually dropped.

Both divorces have been described as contentious.

Smith's tweet drew little notice until she won her primary, but now it seems to be all the internet can talk about--and the Twitter response has been hilarious.

Smith will now face Democratic opponent Donald Davis in November's general election. She lost the same race in 2020.