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Twitter Had a Field Day With the RNC's 'Official' Trump Approval Poll

This is just sad, guys.

Twitter Had a Field Day With the RNC's 'Official' Trump Approval Poll
Photo Credit: Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images

The Republican National Committee decided it would be a good idea to ask Twitter users to participate in a Donald Trump approval poll. It didn't go well.

Following a slew of unexpected resignations from the Trump administration on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the RNC tweeted, "We want to hear from YOU. Take the President's Official February Approval Poll today."

The "Official February Presidential Approval Poll" consisted of one question:

"How would you rate President Trump's job performance, great, good, okay, and other?" Participants also had the option of explaining why they felt the way they did. The obviously biased poll didn't contain a single negative choice.



It's doubtful the RNC anticipated the subsequent trolling they received from Twitter users, but this type of thing brings out the best of the Internet.

"Approve of what?", Regina Parlapiano asked. "Should we approve of his vetting skills? Letting high level WH persons handle & view classified documents without proper clearance? Tax breaks to the wealthy & himself? His perpetual lying? What should we approve of?"

"You guys are hilarious. Talk to me more about how millennials need participation trophies," said Twitter user @gaughanj


Honesty is always the best policy, according to Evelyn Foreman. "Terrible was left off choices in rating Trump's job performance. Worse president in my life time and probably in US History."

Speaking of bias, Mark Frost nailed it: "Perhaps, my @GOP leadership could use a "research design" class. Talk about selection bias issues.Perhaps I should "poll" my class and ask them what grade they think they should receive for the course 😜"

Some users held nothing back, and quite aggressively.

Elyse Albert chose 'Other:' "He is an absolute disgrace to our country. He lies, a facist a RACIST, a bigot, defends violence, ego maniac etc. He does not care about the American people, only himself!"

Polls are important, but, like, really RNC?