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Teen Hit With Backlash After Video Of Her Saying Black People Need To 'Go Back And Pick Cotton' Goes Viral

Teen Hit With Backlash After Video Of Her Saying Black People Need To 'Go Back And Pick Cotton' Goes Viral

A video of a Georgia high school student making racist remarks has parents and students up in arms.

The video captured a White teenage girl, later identified as a student at Mountain View High School, speaking directly into the camera.

" [N-word] these days, y'all, they need to go back and pick some cotton."
"Do not post that. They would chop my f'king head off."

But the video was, indeed, posted, finding its way to the social media pages of several other Mountain View High School students, as did a second video of another White teenage girl making similarly racist remarks.

"You won't even add me back Like what the f'k, [n-word]?"

As the videos gained traction, Principal Keith Chaney issued a statement, emphasizing "racism has no place in [their] school"

"Please know that we are aware of these videos, are investigating, and will take the sternest action authorized by law against anyone who engages in disrupting our school."

But Principal Chaney's statement received a mixed reaction from parents, particularly from Kamisha Hayes, who felt dismayed by the lack of any mention of consequences in Principal Chaney's statement, fearing it was more focused on warning other students not to retaliate.

"To me it sounds reactive. The email said they'd address it... but more so that email is in reaction to student retaliation."
"Bullying they have zero tolerance for, get into a fight you can be expelled. To use a racial slur."
"To me, yeah, they probably do need to be expelled."

Also less-than-pleased with Principal Chaney's statement was a schoolmate of the girls, who posted one of the videos to her TikTok page under the account @its_.sinclair.

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@its_.sinclair identified the girl as a cheerleader at Mountain View High School, and also shared the Instagram accounts of both the girl and her parents.

@its_.sinclair was wholly unsympathetic towards the girl, claiming the fact she knew what she said in the video was wrong only made the fact she recorded it worse.

"You cannot say racist stuff like that in 2021, you just can't baby."
"It's not the 1900s anymore. I'm sorry baby."
"Say bye bye to college and future jobs cause baby, you just ruined your life."

@its_.sinclair's TikTok post received close to 700 thousand likes, but was met with a decidedly mixed reaction in the comments section.

Many cheered @its_.sinclair for exposing the girl and her bigoted words.





Other's wondered if @its_.sinclair should have exposed the teen, who may still be a minor.



But others felt @its_.sinclair's overall lack of sympathy towards the young woman was more than justified, emphasizing being called out is exactly the kind of education she needed to learn.






Kamisha Hayes also seemed to be in agreement the videos becoming public was at the end of the day, necessary.

Hayes told CBS 46 News her daughter felt "validated" after seeing the videos, as they exposed what had been an ongoing issue at Mountain View High School for some time.

Hayes also said while she believed there should be consequences for both of the girls in the videos, she also hoped these videos will be the needed fire to ignite major changes in regards to diversity and inclusion not only at Mountain View High School, but the whole Gwinnett County School District, the largest school district in Georgia.

"Make sure that they feel they are not tolerated but celebrated no matter the color of their skin."
"I would definitely like to see the students held accountable for their actions but more than that, I'd like some meaningful change in the school."

Gwinnett County School District has yet to release a statement in regards to any consequences the girls in the videos may face.

CBS 46 News reported other students at Mountain View High School claim both of the girls in question have since withdrawn from the school.