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Jen Psaki Warns Voters Mocking DeSantis Of The Real Reason He's So Dangerous

The former White House Press Secretary and current MSNBC host pinpointed the Republican presidential candidate's fixation on Article 2 of the Constitution.

MSNBC screenshot of Jen Psaki on "Inside With Jen Psaki"

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has recently faced widespread mockery from critics and media outlets, with online memes targeting everything from his fashion choices to his campaign mishaps.

While the ridicule may provide entertainment, MSNBC's Jen Psaki—the former Biden administration Press Secretary who now hosts Inside With Jen Psaki—cautioned viewers not to be distracted by these memes and instead focus on the underlying messages conveyed by DeSantis.

Psaki pointed out that DeSantis is positioning himself as someone who will succeed where former President Trump did not, raising concerns about his respect for the office and the Constitution.

During her show, Psaki pointed out that DeSantis has been using his platform to appeal to his MAGA supporters, positioning himself as someone who can succeed where former President Donald Trump could not. She questioned his respect for the office and the Constitution, emphasizing that his motivations are primarily about obtaining and wielding power.

While acknowledging the humor in the Twitter memes mocking DeSantis, Psaki urged viewers to focus on the substance of his messages, as they carry significant consequences.

You can hear what she said in the video below

Psaki said:

“It’s about power. He’s made no secret of that... we can all still enjoy the Twitter memes that mock the next inevitable awkward thing DeSantis does on the campaign trail. But just don’t let that distract from what he’s actually saying because that is far more consequential."

As a 2024 presidential hopeful, DeSantis has become a frequent target for ridicule and mockery.

From his fashion choices, such as his white boots, to his mannerisms like his fake laugh, critics have found ample material to poke fun at.

Indeed, even Trump's super PAC joined in by releasing an attack ad centered on DeSantis eating pudding with his fingers. Most recently, DeSantis faced laughter and criticism for a campaign announcement on Twitter Spaces that was plagued by delays, crashes, and interruptions.

While the mockery may draw attention, Psaki emphasized that the focus should be on the substance of DeSantis' words and actions. She highlighted his pledge to fire FBI director Christopher Wray and his willingness to consider pardoning the January 6 rioters, potentially including Trump, his political rival.

Psaki's primary concern, however, was DeSantis' interest in exploiting the "leverage points" within Article II of the Constitution. This article outlines the limitations on the powers of the U.S. president.

She cautioned:

“DeSantis has made repeatedly clear this week that he’s not actually interested in limitations or guardrails at all."
"Clearly DeSantis is pitching himself as the guy who will wield power in a way that extends even beyond what Trump did. He made that crystal clear on Thursday when he said as President he’d stretch his authority further than the limits of his predecessors.”

Many concurred with Psaki's assessment.

Psaki's warning serves as a reminder to look beyond the surface-level mockery and ridicule aimed at Ron DeSantis. While the Florida governor has faced widespread criticism and amusement, it is crucial to pay attention to the substance of his statements and actions.

DeSantis' signaling to his base, his dismissal of limitations and guardrails, and his pursuit of power warrant closer scrutiny. As DeSantis continues vying for the 2024 GOP nomination, understanding the implications of his words and intentions becomes increasingly important.

From implementing laws that target refugees, Black people, and LGBTQ+ Americans to signing a bill making it exceedingly difficult for Floridians to access abortion care, DeSantis' actions have drawn national attention and provoked widespread debate and condemnation.

DeSantis' decision to block schools from teaching certain aspects of history related to race and gender has further fueled concerns about educational equity and inclusivity and he has made no signs of slowing down, pleding to end "woke politics" and liberalism in the United States if elected.