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Video Of Pizza Hut Delivery Man Getting Offered A Slice Of Pizza Instead Of A Tip Sparks Debate


A viral video on TikTok showed the footage from a Ring doorbell system of a pizza delivery person being offered a slice of pizza in place of a tip.

The text over the video read:

"There was a sign on the door, 'No money for tip, please take slice of pizza.'"


🛎 #ring #doorbell

You can hear the man say in annoyance:

"You kidding me?"

He took a slice of pizza anyways.

The people on TikTok were outraged in the comments, saying that pizza slices are not real tips.







A few people pointed out that the customer should be put in the position of making up for the workers low wages.





The federal minimum wage is $2.13 for tipped workers, but tipped work has a history tied with racism and sexism. Even though the emancipation period is far behind us, people still see the negative effects of tipped work to this day.

The Center for American Progress says:

"A new Center for American Progress analysis shows that setting one fair minimum wage for all workers across the nation, specifically tipped but also for disabled and temporary teenage workers, will help alleviate poverty, sustainably grow the economy, and advance gender, racial, disability, and economic justice."

Even though the law states that employers must make up the difference if the tips do not equal the cost of regular minimum wage work. However, that is rarely enforced.

Knowing that the average pay for a pizza delivery person is $8.43 an hour, we're asking the same question, "Are you kidding?"