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Man's Photoshoot Showcasing His Robotic Arm Is Going Viral—And We Can See Why

Man's Photoshoot Showcasing His Robotic Arm Is Going Viral—And We Can See Why
Stock photo via Getty Images

Reddit user EatPrayNub has taken over the internet with his incredible photo where he sports his prosthetic arm.

The photo shows him wearing a suit and trench coat while staring into the sun.

He is wearing sunglasses and is suavely adjusting them using his bionic hand and arm.

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He wrote,

"I did a photo shoot with my bionic arm, and it makes me look like a Bond villain."

The internet has gone wild over the incredible photo.

In fact, the post has earned nearly 11,000 upvotes and over 2,500 comments in just two days.

People can't get over the entire look he's sporting.

"That whole outfit makes you look like a badass" - MagicMan38 (Reddit)
"If I didn't hate wearing coats I would head to Amazon right now to shop tan trench coats." - OathofFeanor (Reddit)
"You make me want to amputate my arm and join your club. Like I am being 100% serious about that.
Edit: I hope no one is offended by this. I do understand that life can be difficult going through with one arm." - stearnsy13 (Reddit)

I'm not sure I'd sacrifice a limb, but his picture has definitely made the idea of requiring a prosthetic much more appealing.

The internet is also impressed with how far technology has come.

"How does it feel to be on the bleeding edge of humanity's glorious cyborg future?" - Urs_Grafik (Reddit)
"Is that an on/off switch on your wrist? Dont mind me, Im just making notes just in case you decide to go full-on evil" - AdministrativeTrunip (Reddit)

Others feel as though his description as a "Bond villain" is not quite accurate, and they have their own thoughts.

"Nice, but I think a tentacle prosthetic arm is a bit more Bond villainy." - BunnyTheCow (Reddit)
"...this is just viral marketing for some new Netflix show isn't it..." - Whiggly (Reddit)
"Looking dope. Reminds me of the villain from 'Logan'" - sharkaiders (Reddit)
"Man if he dressed up as Inspector Gadget for Halloween that would be epic." - Stats_with_a_Z (Reddit)
"He would definitely be the Antagonist's child who follows their evil footsteps...and then, at the critical moment, realizes true good vs evil, and turns on their parent, saving the day!!" - MrPurse (Reddit)

Personally, I'm hoping this sparks a surge in bionic limb photos.