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Pro-Trumper Caught On Video Fat-Shaming Woman Through Megaphone In PetSmart Parking Lot

Pro-Trumper Caught On Video Fat-Shaming Woman Through Megaphone In PetSmart Parking Lot

A well-known Beverly Hills anti-mask and anti-vaccine protester was caught on video this week yelling at a woman through a megaphone in the parking lot of a PetSmart in West Hollywood, California.

Shiva Bagheri, who's being dubbed "PetSmart Karen" on the internet, was captured yelling anti-mask and fat-shaming comments at the woman by TikToker Michael Steven Hinojosa.

Bagheri is a dance and fitness instructor who has organized several pro-Trump and anti-mask rallies in the Los Angeles area.

In the video, Bagheri was heard yelling at the other woman through her megaphone about masks and vaccines:

"Why don't you triple mask, lady, and why don't you take every single one of those vaccines?"

She then added an insult about the woman's weight.

"Obviously you don't care about your health. Look at you."

In the text overlay of his video, Hinojosa claims that Bagheri is well-known for hosting anti-mask and anti-vaccine flash mobs at retail outlets.

Hinojosa also claims she is part of a "Black Lives Don't Matter" movement. Bagheri has been captured on video at a pro-Trump rally calling Breonna Taylor, whose killing by police in her bed last year sparked nationwide outrage and protest, a "thug" and "criminal" who had a "dead body in one of her rental cars."

Taylor had no criminal record and was never implicated in the rental car incident, which was tied to her ex-boyfriend, in any way.

Bagheri has also organized the "Beverly Hills Freedom Rally," a pro-Trump march in the Southern California city. A video taken at the rally shows Bagheri pushing right-wing conspiracy theories and claiming Democrats are "destroying the Constitution."

On social media, many couldn't help but laugh at Bagheri's ridiculous display--especially her megaphone.






Bagheri was quoted in multiple media outlets in January vowing to bring more anti-mask and -vaccine disruptions to retail locations in Los Angeles. Looks like she's keeping her promise.