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Adele Is Hilariously Shook After Peppa Pig Confronts Her For Shutting Down Potential Collaboration

Capital FM

She may just be a cartoon farm animal, but Peppa Pig is coming for music's biggest stars.

After previously besting Kanye West on the Pitchfork album ratings, Peppa is now coming for Adele after the singer balked at the idea of a collaboration between the two--and fans are loving it.

The moment happened when Peppa called in to a Capital FM radio interview Adele did to promote her new single, "Easy On Me." Suffice to say, Peppa did the opposite of "take it easy" on Adele.

See the moment below.

So how did this epic beef begin?

It all started when Adele did a now mega-viral Instagram Live—her first ever—to talk about "Easy On Me" and her forthcoming album 30. A viewer asked if Adele would be collaborating with the iconic Peppa Pig and her indignant response had fans cracking up.

The moment went so viral a host on the U.K.'s Hits Radio, James Barr, even created a mash-up of Peppa Pig's TV soundtrack and Adele's hit "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)" to try to convince the star to change her mind.

But it was the Capital FM encounter that truly left the internet screaming.

Peppa's call-in message was so impactful it left Adele apologizing to her would-be competition and even leaving the door open for a future collaboration.

After listening to Peppa's message with her mouth hanging open, Adele responded:

"...Peppa... I regret it...[A]ny time you want to go jumping in muddy puddles and sing in muddy puddles, I'm with you babes. I felt terrible the second I said [no]."

Consider Adele chastised for her porcine prejudice!

On social media, fans loved the Adele/Peppa drama.

Practically everything Adele does breaks the internet, so it's best we prepare ourselves now for when the Adele Peppa collab finally drops.