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Adele Stops Performance To Defend Fan From Aggressive Security Guard

The singer stopped mid-performance of 'Water Under the Bridge' during her Las Vegas residency show to tell a security guard to leave a young fan alone.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Those of us who enjoy attending concerts and similar events can probably all agree that few things ruin a show more than an artist who shows up unprepared, or concertgoers who are inconsiderate of their fellow guests.

But sometimes, the people who really ruin the event are the ones who are there to make sure it runs smoothly: the security guards.

This was true at Adele's most recent performance of "Weekends with Adele" in Las Vegas last Saturday when she felt the need to stop her show, midway through "Water Under the Bridge," to show support for one of her fans.

Up to that point in her performance, the fan had been repeatedly approached by security guards for standing up, singing along, and showing excitement, and Adele could see everything from her position on stage. During that song, she'd had enough.

Adele wasted no time and asked:

“What is going on with that young fan there?"
"He's been bothered so much since I came on stage for just standing up."

The fan must have been confirming she was talking to them, likely in shock at the attention, as she confirmed:

"You, yes you. Yes you, you there, with your hand up. Yes!"

To the security guard, she asked:

"Why are you bothering him? Could you leave him alone, please?"

You can watch Adele's reaction video here:

A video showing the fan's perspective was later released, as well, and it's clear why Adele was distracted by what happened in the audience.

At first, the fan stood from their seat, clearly excited, and a security guard approached them, telling them they needed to be considerate of the guests behind them who were trying to see.

Later, the fan was accused of getting too excited as they loudly sang along with one of Adele's songs.

The fan confirmed:

"But we can sing along, right?"

To this, the security guard told them to take a break and sit down, likely meaning to discourage them.

But in the final instance of, now, three security guards surrounding the guest, Adele had had enough.

In this clip, Adele said:

"Sorry, guys. He's been bothered by security guards all night, and the guests behind him, and he's just trying to have fun. We're all here to have fun, alright?"

The fan loudly shouted "thank you" over and over before blowing kisses at Adele, who then pretended to catch one of the kisses and put it in her pocket.

You can watch the video here:

Both videos quickly went viral on TikTok and Twitter as fans saw how the singer had backed up her fan instead of ignoring the situation, as so many artists do.

Some thought the behavior was simply so Adele.

It's heartwarming to see big artists like Adele keeping themselves humble and equal to their fans by showing support for them.

Hopefully, this will remind concertgoers to be considerate of those around them and to be happy for those who are clearly having a good time.