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People Are Sending Screenshots Of Their Phones' Home Screens To Be Hilariously Graded By A Comedian

Twitter @Kevin_Church and @AndyMichaelArt

Those of you eager to prove that you have the best phone home screen wallpaper, you might want to get in on this action.

Comic writer Kevin Church, a self described Star Trek and Star Wars obsessive, decided to pass the time by asking people to send him screenshots of their phones' home screens so he could grade them.

He started with his own, of course.

And then the submissions poured in.

Here's one with a dog!

And the judge has decreed...

Here's another submission, this one distinguished by... umm... a really long tongue.

And the judge has decreed...

(We kind of agree with him here.)

Here's another submission, this one featuring some really cool art.

Unfortunately, that same art is obscured by too many icons, so the judge decrees...

Hey look, it's Lynda Carter!

But there are problems with this submission as well.

Here's another, this one considerably more organized than the previous couple of submissions.

It appears Judge Kevin is pleased.

This submission is beautifully organized.

That discipline certainly paid off handsomely for this lucky contestant.

This one has a glaring issue.


We have to say we dig the color scheme on this one.

Well done!

What's even going on here?

Try again later.

Court is adjourned.

This one is rather messy...

...a feature that no doubt influenced Judge Church's ruling.

This is creative!


The judge was pleased with how his afternoon went.

Think you've got what it takes? Want to attain phone home screen glory? (If this isn't a thing, it is now.)

Go ahead and hit up Judge Kevin on Twitter yourself to find out if your home screen is up to snuff.