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GOP Rep. Paul Gosar Roasted Hard After Tweeting Cringey Meme Of Himself As James Bond

GOP Rep. Paul Gosar Roasted Hard After Tweeting Cringey Meme Of Himself As James Bond

Arizona Republican Representative Dr. Paul Gosar found himself one of the internet's latest laughingstocks after posting a meme of himself as, of all people, James Bond.

Gosar, who has ties to White nationalist groups and has repeatedly defended the January 6 insurrectionists as "peaceful patriots," seems to have posted the meme in response to a bombshell Rolling Stone report implicating him in the planning of the Capitol riot.

The meme features a picture of Daniel Craig's James Bond with Gosar's head Photoshopped over Craig's, captioned with a rephrasing of Bond's famous catchphrase.

See Gosar's tweet below.

Gosar's cringe-inducing caption read:

"The name's Gosar. Paul Gosar."

James Bond's ability to outmaneuver every opponent and get himself out of any predicament may be impressive, but given the allegations against Gosar, he'll need far more than an iconic movie spy's skills.

Rolling Stone's report, based on interviews with two key Republican witnesses cooperating with the congressional January 6 Commission's investigation into the coup attempt, includes allegations that could put Gosar in profound legal jeopardy.

The witnesses say they were part of "dozens" of high-level January 6 planning meetings conducted by several boldfaced Washington names, including Gosar and fellow Republican Representatives Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Madison Cawthorn and others.

Crucially, the witnesses say the meetings only pertained to the rallies that took place on January 6 and the storming of the Capitol was never discussed in their presence.

But the most egregious and legally damning detail they revealed centers squarely on Gosar. He promised everyone involved in the planning "blanket pardons" he negotiated with former Republican President Donald Trump, suggesting everyone involved expected illegal activity to occur.

Gosar, who has been vocal about supposed social media "censorship" of right-wing politicians, attempted to limit who could comment on his profoundly cringey Bond meme. But that of course has never and will never stop Twitter from roasting the daylights out of anyone, and Gosar was no exception.

Rolling Stone's report about Gosar and his alleged co-conspirators sent shockwaves through Washington, with several of his colleagues calling for their expulsion from Congress if the allegations are found to be true.