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Ohio Major Who Was Fired By Sheriff For Being A Lesbian Now Poised To Win Her Old Boss' Seat

Ohio Major Who Was Fired By Sheriff For Being A Lesbian Now Poised To Win Her Old Boss' Seat

Charmaine McGuffey, the first female major in Ohio's Hamilton County Sheriff Department, is poised to replace her old boss Sheriff Jim Neil as she campaigns to become Ohio's first sheriff to be female and part of the LGBTQ+ community.

McGuffey who was fired by Neil claims the termination was due to her sexual identity. She is boldly putting her discriminatory experiences as a lesbian law enforcement professional in the spotlight of her campaign.

In her campaign ad she addresses these issues showing the homophobia she has overcome, including she says, from her former boss Neil, while still working towards reform, rehabilitation, and taking the county jail from worst to best ranked in only three years.

The video starts showing a re-enactment of McGuffey walking into a bathroom to a homophobic slur written on the cubicle door.

McGuffey narrated:

"I've never been an insider, I wasn't just a woman working in law enforcement. I was a gay woman — that made me a target, a threat. But overcoming the impossible, well, that's what I've done my entire life."

She also pointed to her experience working with Sheriff Neil saying:

"His way [of law enforcement was] excessive force, harassment, and zero accountability,"


"When I stood up I was told to go with the flow. I refused to stand by silently and ultimately, it cost me my job."

Twitter applauded the video.

Back in spring McGuffey won in the primaries over her conservative former boss by an overwhelming margin of 70%-30% and people were celebrating for her.

Overall social media has been rooting for the sheriff hopeful.

While incumbent Sheriff Neil claims McGuffey was fired for creating a "hostile work environment" and being a bully, Charmaine McGuffey filed a lawsuit in March against Neil for firing her because of her sexuality. Best of luck in November McGuffey!