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Fox News Host Awkwardly Fact-Checks Trump Campaign's Claim That Harris Called Biden 'Racist'

Fox News Host Awkwardly Fact-Checks Trump Campaign's Claim That Harris Called Biden 'Racist'

During a recent segment on Fox News, senior Trump campaign advisor Katrina Pierson commented on Kamala Harris, Joe Biden's Vice Presidential pick for the upcoming election.

In the interview, Pierson said:

"Not long ago, Kamala Harris called Joe Biden a racist and asked for an apology she never received. Clearly, Phony Kamala will abandon her own morals, as well as try to bury her record as a prosecutor, in order to appease the anti-police extremists controlling the Democrat party."

This quote led to a fairly awkward fact check from Neil Cavuto, who noted that Harris never called Biden a racist.

"The president seems to be saying that Kamala Harris had called Joe Biden a racist. She never did."

During the debate in question, Harris actually went so far as to say to Joe Biden:

"I do not believe you are a racist."

Though Pierson was pretty obviously trying to paint Harris as a tool of the "far-left," it's worth noting Harris was one of the more moderate candidates during the Democratic primary and has received a decent amount of criticism from the party's progressive wing.

Cavuto brought attention to this as well, saying:

"As a former prosecutor, if anything, Kamala Harris was getting heat from many African Americans of the party and others because she was a little too tough on crime and that sort of thing."

Meanwhile, during other Fox News broadcasts, the claim that Harris accused Biden of being a racist went "entirely unchecked."

Many online noted the irony that a Fox News journalist doing his basic duty was considered newsworthy.

Cavuto has gotten in trouble with President Trump in past over his basic fact checks.

Cavuto has made a habit of pushing back against some of the President's more egregious lies.

It's likely Fox News will continue to portray Harris and Biden as far-left extremists for their conservative viewers.

White House correspondant John Roberts even claimed after Cavuto's fact check:

"Whether or not [Harris] actually said the word 'racist' or not, I mean, the intimation was there."

With Trump's Presidency riding on this November's election, it seems Fox News reporters aren't going to let something as small as the "facts" harm his chances.