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Singer Monica Hits Back At White Reporter Who Was Mad About All The Black Artists At The CMAs

Singer Monica Hits Back At White Reporter Who Was Mad About All The Black Artists At The CMAs
Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images; @RightWingWatch/Twitter

After Black actor Anthony Mackie co-hosted this year's CMT Awards, far-right reporter Patrick Howley went on a racist rant—deploying a fake "Blaccent" and all—calling the show a "train wreck" because too many Black people were in attendance.

R&B and country artist Monica is not having it.

Monica—whose country album is coming out this year and who performed at the event—took to her Instagram account to hit back at Howley with a pointed take-down of his comments.

See her post below.

In her caption, Monica wrote:

"I’ve never been more motivated..."
"Patrick Howley, although your feelings are likely shared by some, it’s NOT by the masses!"
"I have an all star LEGENDARY team of true country artist that are currently working with me that would beg to differ !"

An alum of Steven Bannon's far-right Breitbart network and Ben Shapiro's The Daily Caller—platforms that cater to Neo-Nazis and White nationalists—Howley's comments about the CMT Awards were still shocking to many.

You can see his comments here:

Howley was angry Black actor Anthony Mackie stepped in to co-host the show after country star Kelsey Ballerini tested positive for COVID-19 and that Black celebrities were in attendance.

Howley made several racist comments decrying the attendance of Black people at what he considers a White event.

"I don’t know who this Black guy is who’s hosting it. It’s supposed to be country music. No offense. Y'all have hip-hop, basketball. Just fly with your flock, bro."

And Howley seemed particularly vexed by Mackie pointing out country music's roots in Black music—something country music has long acknowledged.

Deploying a fake "Blaccent" and AAVE grammar—and a derisive reference to Wakanda for extra effect—Howley mocked Mackie.

“I’m not against you, but you’re up there being like ‘The melanated people invented country music. We was making country music in Wakanda before Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard done stole the Black man’s country music.'"

Howley then finished his screed by all but openly saying Black people don't belong at what he considers a White event for a White art form by White artists.

"There were so many Black people there, sorry to say, but like so many Black celebrities who have nothing to do with country music and it’s like ‘Why?’"
"No disrespect to the funky brothers of music. I love Earth, Wind & Fire, Run-DMC, etc."
"But I mean, country music’s different. Country music’s different. It’s not Wakanda.”

Monica addressed these racist comments by referencing her performance with country star Jimmie Allen, a Black man, and long-running country group Little Big Town to let Howley know she isn't going anywhere.

Her caption said:

"This was the first of many times that you will see me!"
"I see you caught that my skin is melanated, but you missed that it was tough!"

She then closed with a reference to Howley's seeming obsession with Wakanda, the fictional world of Black super heroes from Marvel's Black Panther franchise.

"See you soon, or should I say 'Welcome to Wakanda'"

On social media, people applauded Monica for calling out Howley's racism.

Many joined her in clapping back at Howley.

Monica's country album Open Roads comes out later this year and was in part inspired by the trips she made as a child to country music capitals like Nashville, Gatlinburg and Dollywood, the theme park founded by one of Monica's idols, Dolly Parton.