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'Jeopardy!' Champ Uses Shady 'Wizard Of Oz' Scene To Celebrate Mike Richards' Ouster From Show

'Jeopardy!' Champ Uses Shady 'Wizard Of Oz' Scene To Celebrate Mike Richards' Ouster From Show
Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage/Getty Images

After resigning from his new post as host of the iconic game show Jeopardy! amid a slew of allegations and past misogynistic comments, Mike Richards has now also been oustered from his role as a producer of the show. And one renowned Jeopardy! champion is flat-out rejoicing.

James Holzhauser, whose 32-game winning streak makes him the second-highest winner of Jeopardy!, threw some epic shade at Richards on Twitter using nothing but a simple gif from the film The Wizard of Oz.

The gif Holzhauser used comes from the legendary scene in the movie when the residents of Munchkinland celebrate the death of The Wicked Witch of the East after Dorothy dropped a house on her--a fitting treatment for Richards in the eyes of many.

Richards' selection as the replacement for legendary host Alex Trebek has been controversial from the start because of a sexual discrimination lawsuit filed against him by a former employee, misogynistic comments Richards made on a podcast he used to host, and allegations that he "rigged" the host selection process to favor himself.

Holzhauer has been very outspoken about his opinion of Richards since practically the moment his hosting gig was announced.

Last month, he obliquely referenced the rigging allegations in a tweet.

In more recent days, Holzhauer has continued to criticize Richards in a series of sharp-tongued tweets in which he addressed people who have come to Richards' defense amid the uproar over the growing list of his past misdeeds.

But lest those past shortcomings not amount to sufficient reason to get rid of Richards in anyone's mind, Holzhauer also tweeted about his own experiences with Richards over the course of 33 episodes of Jeopardy!.

It's not a flattering picture he paints.

On Twitter, many people loved Holzhauer's shady takedown of Richards and celebrated the ouster along with him.

Richards has also been dismissed from his post as an executive producer of Wheel of Fortune amid the controversy.