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Melania Trump Delights Twitter After Her Valentine's Day Messages Make No Mention Of Donald

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Former First Lady Melania Trump sent out two Valentine's Day messages this past weekend, both of them aimed at "inspirational children" in need around the world.

Twitter users, however, couldn't help but notice neither of Melania's tweets made reference to her husband, former President Donald Trump.

This led to speculation on social media the Trumps' marriage wasn't a happy one.

Donald Trump was, of course, unable to post any Valentine's Day message since he has been banned from Twitter for inciting a violent insurrection.

Melania and Donald Trump experienced many awkward moments while they lived in the White House.

Some Twitter users were proud of Melania for distancing herself from her infamous husband.

Others felt Donald and Melania were a match made in heaven.

It seems Melania Trump agrees with most of America. A happy Valentine's day has nothing to do with her husband, Donald.