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McDonald's Customer Shocked After Discovering Bags Of Cash In His Drive-Thru Order

TikToker Josiah Vargas got way more than the sausage McMuffin he ordered—and was handsomely rewarded after returning the cash.

TikToker @dookiedoeboy with McDonald's bag of cash

Most of us have had the experience at one time or another of going through the McDonald's drive-thru and getting a little extra surprise—say, one more cheeseburger than we ordered or an extra bag of fries.

But TikToker Josiah Vargas got a major bonus with his last McDonald's drive-thru run. The Sausage McMuffin he ordered was there, but so were several bags full of thousands of dollars in cash.

Vargas, who goes by @dookiedoeboy on the app, showed off his drive-thru haul in a viral video showing the ziploc bangs full of cold, hard cash that were thrown into the bag along with his McMuffin, making for a breakfast to die for.


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Holding up the McDonald's bag, Vargas said:

“What’s in this bag? Their fu*king deposits."
He then opened the bag to reveal several plastic bags full of cash and went on to say:

"Just a couple thousand dollars here."
"Like, what is this? Why would they do this?"

Now if you're like a lot of people you would have immediately floored the gas pedal and run off to Mexico or something with your new fortune, but Vargas is a better citizen than many.

He vowed to take the money back to the McDonald's.

"Now I have to return this because I’m a good person, I guess."

Though relatably, he returned the money only begrudgingly and with much lament.

"Why would you guys do this to me? Do you know how bad I want this money?"

Vargas then filmed himself returning the money inside the McDonald's to a chorus of gratitude from the employees.

And he didn't walk away empty-handed.

He was rewarded with $200 and free McDonald's for a month. A poor substitute for bags full of cash, but still more than he had when he entered the drive-thru line.

On TikTok, Vargas' video and especially his honesty definitely left people surprised.







But lots of others admitted they would definitely not have handled this with Vargas' scruples.





Well, at least his McKarma is McClear.